What is VR vs Virtual Reality?

This might seem like a bizarre question, but on the odd occasion, we’ve been asked questions like what is VR vs Virtual Reality? This article will be covering some of the vocabulary that you’ll hear when entering our store and what everything means.

The simple answer to the question “What is VR vs Virtual Reality” is: they are the same thing! However, lets take a little look into the definition of VR and Virtual Reality.

VR is an abbreviation for Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality can be defined as any form of Virtual World that the user can interact with to some extent. For example, playing video games on PC/console is a form of Virtual Reality as you’re interacting with a virtually simulated environment by controlling the movement of a character. Most people associate Virtual Reality with VR headsets as they’re a part of the fully immersive Virtual Reality experience where you are the one interacting with the environment rather than controlling a character. 

Haptics are another piece of technology that we talk about at Vector! Haptics can be simply defined as a device that allows you to feel physical sensations through vibrations. At Vector you can experience Haptics yourself, using our Haptic X40 vests, with 40 different vibrating motors that allow you to feel different sensations within the game, such as rushes of wind, bullet shots, recoil and other interactions.

Tracking in terms of Virtual reality, is often related to the position of the headset within the room. Using base stations to read the position of the headset and controllers in the play area, the base station can understand which direction you’re facing and correctly translate that to the game. Every time that you turn your head, move around the play space, or move your hands around, the base station will make sure that you are still within the bounds of your play area.

Virtual boundaries are set up within the room to ensure that you don’t bump into the walls. The virtual boundaries in our pods will appear as a grid when you step too close to the wall or swing your arm too far forward, when this appears you simply need to step back into the middle of the room and the virtual boundary will disappear from your vision and you can continue playing.

Immersion in Virtual Reality can be defined as the sensation of feeling like you’re within the virtual program. The difference between computer games and Virtual Reality games is felt with immersion, playing a computer game you’re controlling the character and watching them interact with the virtual world, with a VR game you’re the character within the world and all your movements are how you interact with the virtual world, which makes you feel a part of the world itself. The sensation of immersion can be further enhanced using haptic vests to simulate the things that are happening in the world through vibrations.

When you come to Vector these are all some common terms that you’ll hear in-store, so we hope that this helps to give you an insight into the virtual terminology.

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