What is the biggest problem with VR?

When you ask people about Virtual Reality, it’s still seen as a very modern and upcoming piece of technology that has rapidly evolved over the past few years. The potential for VR feels limitless, constantly pushing the boundaries of interactivity between people and the virtual world. Whilst VR is an outstanding piece of technology that has been used to bring new experiences to the entertainment industry, it’s also been used in other areas such as education and for training professionals in different industries. The opportunity that VR brings continues to grow and expand. But what does VR need to secure its future? What is the biggest problem with VR? This is what we will be covering in this article.

As mentioned above, VR is used for entertainment, gaming, training, and education. New uses for VR are constantly being trialled, with love from both companies and consumers, the usage of Virtual Reality is continuing to grow each year. Each time a new VR headset is announced by different companies, it comes with an upgrade in quality, performance, and power. Looking at the Quest 2 as an example compared to the quest 1, the quest 2 had almost a 50% increase in screen resolution, providing a sharper image and overall better quality for the user.

The main complaint about the Quest 2, is that the headset is heavy and uncomfortable with the strap provided by Oculus and so it’s highly recommended to upgrade to the elite strap for extra comfort. However, if you want to use the quest 2 for longer periods of time the elite strap can still be uncomfortable due to the weight of the headset. This is a common issue with many VR headsets and it’s something that creators are looking to improve with new styles of VR straps and improving the weight balance of the headset. If VR is to be used for longer periods of time, the head straps would need to provide better levels of comfort and support so the user can play for longer periods.

Whilst the weight of the headset can be an issue, at Vector we use the elite straps on all our Oculus Quest headsets to ensure that the user has the most comfortable experience possible. We also allow players in the pods (during weekdays) to come out for a quick break if they’re in a 60-minute or 90-minute session, which further reduces discomfort and allows you to have a great VR session. 

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