What do you know about Virtual Reality?

At Vector, our speciality is Virtual Reality. We bring the Virtual world and offer the best experiences in Norfolk. As VR specialists we often have newcomers come in and ask, “What do you know about Virtual Reality?” this article will cover this question whilst giving you some insight into what Virtual Reality is and how it works.


Virtual Reality can be simply defined as a virtually generated environment that the user can interact with. The equipment commonly associated with Virtual Reality are VR headsets. A VR headset is a head mounted device with a display screen, speakers and controllers that help you to immerse within the environment and interact with the virtual world. The speakers on a VR headset are surround sound which helps to provide realistic 360 sound to the user, allowing them to recognise where the sounds are coming from in the environment.

VR headsets contain two lenses to project two images (one for each eye), which then sends signals to your brain to perceive the information as 3D. The headsets also use tracking data to locate where you are positioned within the play space and which direction you’re facing. This data is used for when you look around the environment by turning your head or turning your body, so the VR can provide a 360-degree experience.

When you put on a VR headset, you cannot see the real world to provide you with a fully immersive experience. The controllers act as the connection between player and virtual world, allowing the player to pick up objects and interact with environment with a simple press of a button or by squeezing the controller. These controllers also use tracking data to locate them in the play space and to recognise the distance between the headset and controllers.  


Another piece of equipment that can help make a VR experience feel immersive is the use of haptics. Haptics are used to give the player sensory information for further interaction with the play space. The haptic provides feedback from the environment through vibrating motors, this can be used to simulate bullet shots, wind, and other interactions to the player through vibrations.

If you’re ever in doubt about how VR works, you can always come into the store and try a free tutorial, to have a small experience of Virtual Reality and what it’s capable of.

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