What are the three types of VR?

What are the three types of VR?

 When people think about Virtual Reality, the first assumption is that Virtual Reality is putting on a headset and being virtual transported into another world. Whilst this assumption is correct, it’s not the only form of Virtual Reality. There is three main types of Virtual Reality and this article intends to give you a better understanding of what those are.


The first kind of Virtual Reality and the most common form of Virtual Reality is “Non-Immersive Virtual Reality”. This is most seen in computer and console games. Non-Immersive VR contains a Virtual world that the user can interact with and control without the Virtual world interacting with the user. For example, when playing video games, the user can control a character to move them around the virtual environment, but the environment cannot interact with you, keeping you aware of your physical surrounding and where you are in the real world.


The next step up from Non-Immersive VR is “Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality”. This experience provides the user with a partial virtual environment whilst having some form of a physical environment around you. A great example of this came be found with a flight simulator or a motion simulator. Using the motion simulator as an example, this immerses you into the virtual world by moving around and sometimes using wind to make you feel movement, you are still able to see your physical self and you still know where you are physically. Using flight simulators as an example, these machines immerse you with a wide screen and can also use motion, to project and simulate the virtual world, but they use real control panels, so you interact with something physical.


Finally, we have “Fully-Immersive Virtual Reality”. Fully immersive Virtual Reality puts the user into a headset with no interaction with the real world. When immersed into the virtual world, the user will often lose track of where they are in the physical world, with no physical environment around them. This experience becomes more intense with haptics, simulating the virtual world sensations physically through vibrations. This type of Virtual Reality has virtually limitless usage possibilities, and this is what we offer at Vector!

With VR headsets and the option of upgrading your pod sessions to include haptic vests, you can have the opportunity to experience Fully-Immersive Virtual Reality in the best way possible.

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