VR Games For Two

The summer holidays are so close, we can almost taste the ice cream. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity with your mate or a date night with your partner, we’ve got you covered. This article is a list of fun VR Games for two, to get you into the summer mood! 

First up, we have Ragnarok! A staff favourite rhythm game inspired by band hero, hit the drums to the beat and motivate your crew to row faster, the ship that travels the furthest distance will be the winner! Score combos and hit your shields for extra speed boosts, unleash your inner viking and sail to victory.
Looking to get competitive with another family member or friend? Clash of Chefs is the game for you! Become the masterchef and step up to the plate, to see who has the sharpest reactions and hunger for victory. Choose from four different restaurants with each one bringing it’s own unique challenges and flavours. 
If you fancy something a little sporty, why not try Racket Nx? Grab your racket and hit the ball against the wall, slam it with force to roll it across the wall and maximise your points multiplier. The fast pace nature of this game is sure to get you moving, but do you have what it takes to beat your opponent? 
Do you feel like dancing and slicing to the beat with lightsabers? Try out Rhythmatic 2! With plenty of songs to choose from on varying difficulties, you’ll lose yourself in the music. Score combos and slash the blocks to get the highest score. This game can be quite the challenge and the intensity will depend on the difficulty chosen, put your ninja skills to the test and get slicing!

We hope that this post on VR Games for two gives you an idea for to try out during your next session with us, may the best player win.

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