VR Games for Kids

Looking at booking a VR Pod Session for the kids? Not sure what games they might be interested in? We have you covered! Here is the top list of VR Games for kids, tailored towards the summer fun.

First up, a popular title that is beloved by many of our customers: Fruit Ninja is a brilliant experience in VR, with multiple game modes and different weapons to try out, it’s great fun for children and adults alike! Slice, hack and slash those fruits but don’t hit the bombs or you’ll have to start again!  
Another popular title with our younger audience, we have Job Simulator AND Vacation Simulator! Experience what jobs used to be like in this sci-fi world where computers do all of the work. With so many activities and different job scenarios, there’s plenty of fun to be had experiencing work from a different perspective.

This next title is another well-known franchise: Angry birds! One of the most popular mobile games has been overhauled for an exciting VR experience. Shoot down the towers and try to get three stars! Test your skills across the levels and see if you can get all three stars! 

Looking to get competitive with another family member or friend? Clash of Chefs is the game for you! Become the masterchef and step up to the plate, to see who has the sharpest reactions and hunger for victory. Choose from four different restaurants with each one bringing it’s own unique challenges and flavours. 

We hope that this list of games gives you an insight into the exciting choice of VR games for kids available to play in store, don’t forget to book a session!

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Plan Your Visit

Not sure how to long to book for?Take a look at our game selection and choose a few to make your session tailored for you! You don’t have to stick to your selection when you arrive – however we can give you a good idea of how long you will need based on each game’s recommended play-time.