Try out Virtual Reality this Summer!

The summer holidays are near! From July to September, everyone will be looking forward to the warmer weather and fun summer activities. If you’re looking for an activity to enjoy, whether you’re flying solo or a birthday party of ten; there’s so much fun to be had at Vector over the summer.



Sometimes, it’s difficult to find family activities that both adults and children will enjoy. If you want something that will stop the kids from saying the dreaded “I’m bored!”, Virtual Reality is the perfect way to entertain them; and, the best part is… you can join in the fun too!
At Vector, we offer both Virtual escape rooms and pod-based sessions that are sure to keep the family entertained. If you’re looking for a challenge, try out our escape rooms and work together to escape in the fastest time! We have a great range of escape rooms to choose from that transport you to places you’ll have never been before.

If working together is a bit too challenging for the family, then perhaps you’re interested in engaging in some friendly competition instead! If you choose our pod-based session, then you can compete against each other in games like Hyper Dash, Loco Dojo or Elven Assassin. In our pod sessions you can also play different games at the same time. Whilst the kids are running around in Gorilla Tag, you can go into Half-Life Alyx and become humanities only chance of survival.


If you’re looking for a place to have a birthday party over the summer, then look no further! Vector VR offers birthday packages for ages eight and beyond. With a variety of multiplayer games that up to 10 people can join at the same time, a virtual birthday party will be the talk of the summer. For more information about parties, head over to the EVENTS tab for more information.

If you’re looking for a game to give you the summer feeling, come and try out Vacation Simulator. Made by the masterminds behind Job Simulator, this is sure to be a popular game over the summer! With three different holiday destinations and complete a range of activities and minigames to participate in, Vacation Simulator is sure to get you excited for the upcoming summer holidays!

Whether you’re looking for a gaming session or virtual escape room, there’s something for everyone this summer and we cannot wait to see you!

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Not sure how to long to book for?Take a look at our game selection and choose a few to make your session tailored for you! You don’t have to stick to your selection when you arrive – however we can give you a good idea of how long you will need based on each game’s recommended play-time.