Top 5 VR games for beginners

If you’re new to VR, picking a game to play is often the first challenge! At Vector we have a great selection from which we have chosen five games for beginners that they’ll be able to jump straight into without prior knowledge of VR. This list of games includes favourites from staff and our most played games by customers. All of these games are the perfect choice for people who suffer from motion sickness, as they either use minimal movement, or have teleportation to reduce the effects of motion sickness.


In this fast paced rhythm game, slice through the blocks to the beat with your lightsabers. Dodge out of the red zones and get combos for a higher score! With a selection of songs to choose from on customisable difficulty of easy-expert,  there’s plenty of fun to be had!
This game can be played solo, or with up to six players. 


Enjoy this competitive arena styled duel against your rival in Blaston! Duck, dodge, and block incoming attacks while preparing your next combos in a flash of skill to rise to the top. Wtih a variety of gun options to experiment with, find your favourite loadout and battle to be the best gunslinger. This game can be plaed solo or with two players.

Job Simulator 

A top pick for our younger audiences, in this virtual simulation, robots perform all human jobs! Experience what jobs ‘used’ to feel like in this incredibly fun and entertaining title. You can play as a mechanic, store clerk, officer worker and other fun roles, in a world where you serve the robots! This game is a single player experience with multiple level varieties for you to enjoy.­­

Elven Assassin

Are you ready to defend an Elven village against orcs and ogres? Arm yourself with a bow and arrow and put your archery to the test. Defend your village from increasingly aggressive hordes of monsters ranging from orcs, to trolls and dragons! This game can be played on your own or with up to six players. (This game is recommended for ages 12+)


Looking for something to scare your socks off? Propagation is the game for you! One of the top picks from our staff, shoot your way through waves of infected zombies in an underground metro. Armed with only your pistol, shotgun and fists, see if you can make it out alive and survive the terrors of the apocalypse. This game can be played solo or with two players. (This game is recommended for ages 18+)

These five games offer a great variety and are fun experiences for all kinds of audiences! Are you ready to play? Book your next session at Vector and discover the virtual world.

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