Four Player VR Games

If you and for friends are ready to dive into the world of VR gaming, we’ve got you covered with a list of six must-try VR games four player VR games that will transport you to different worlds, challenge your skills, and keep you entertained for hours. From shooting zombies in the desert wastelands to casting magic spells in a wizarding battle, these games have it all.

Arizona Sunshine: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

 Step into the role of a survivor in the post-apocalyptic desert in “Arizona Sunshine.” Armed with an arsenal of weapons, including pistols and shotguns, you’ll face hordes of flesh-eating zombies that show no mercy! The game’s realistic graphics and immersive VR environment make it an adrenaline-pumping experience you won’t forget. 

Elven Assassin: Become a Master Archer

Live out your fantasy of being an expert archer defending your medieval tower against waves of orcs and goblins. Precise aiming and quick reflexes are the keys to success in this multiplayer game. Team up with friends to see who can take down the most enemies or challenge each other in a archery deathwatch! 

Battle Magic: Wands at the ready for battle!

 Become a powerful mage engaged in epic battles against your friends! Conjure fireballs, ice storms, and lightning bolts with a wave of your hand. Master the art of magic and engage in intense multiplayer duels to prove you are the most powerful wizard.

Rhythmatic: Groove to the Beat

If you’re a fan of rhythm games, Rhythmatic is a must-try dance game. This game combines the excitement of dance with lighsabers to create an intense and upbeat rhythm game. The colorful visuals and catchy music will keep you moving and grooving as you try to achieve the highest score. Play with your friends to see who is the champion of the dance floor!

Ragnarok: Sail to the new horizons

 Transport yourself to the age of the Vikings, where you can control your ship through the power of the drums. Motivate your crew to row further and faster than your opponents by beating the drums in time to the music. Race for glory and sail the oceans to prove yourself worthy of Valhalla.

Revolvr 3: High-Stakes Western Duels

 Step into the dusty trenches of the Wild West in Revolvr 3. This VR shooter puts you in the boots of a gunslinger, challenging you to draw and shoot faster than your opponents. With different maps and fast paced gameplay, this game offers a fun twist to the wild west genre.
 VR gaming offers an incredible level of immersion and excitement, and these six games are perfect examples of entertaining four player VR games for you and your friends to enjoy. Whether you’re into zombie shooting, archery, spellcasting, rhythm-based challenges, Viking adventures, or Western duels, there’s a VR game for you at Vector VR.

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