Is VR good or bad for you?

If you have never experienced VR before, you may be wondering if VR is good or bad for you, and the potential risks that may arise from virtual experience. In this article, we will be answering the question of ‘is VR good or bad for you?’ alongside what we do at Vector to ensure the best possible experience.


A major benefit to VR is the level of interactivity each experience provides. In comparison to traditional interactive media, that uses a controller or keyboard to control your character: Virtual Reality lets you become the character. You can use your hands and physical movement to interact with the environment, creating the ultimate experience with the virtual world that you cannot get through a keyboard and mouse. Virtual Reality allows you to have experiences like no other, with fully immersive gameplay and stunning visuals that make you forget about the real world outside the headset.


Another benefit to VR is the social experiences that come along with it. Being able to play a variety of cooperative and competitive games with your friends and family allows for a great social experience in an interactive way that is hard to replicate in the real world. You can also play some of our multiplayer games with other people from across the globe, giving solo players the opportunity to still engage with other gamers and experience the same social aspect without bringing anyone else along during their session.

Whilst we know all the fun and excitement that is to be had with Virtual Reality, we are also aware of the negative affects that VR can have on the user. Due to the realism that VR offers, some of the horror experiences can make users feel overwhelmed and on occasion can induce panic attacks. To help combat this, we add age restrictions onto all the pods for players between the ages of 8-18 and we also warn users before their session that some of these games can be fear inducing. If you’re in doubt about any of our games and how scary they might be, talk to a member of staff during your session and we will be able to discuss the game and the type of gameplay you will experience.


Another disadvantage to VR is the risk of motion sickness. At Vector, we have a great game catalogue for you to choose from. Some of these games do run the risk of motion sickness due to the movement schemes and pacing of the games. To help reduce feelings of motion sickness, we only offer sessions in a maximum of 90 minutes, as from practice we have found that this is more than enough time to experience a range of games without inducing headaches or motion sickness. If at any point during your session you start to feel motion sick, you can let a member of staff know and you can have a short break in the middle of your session to help reduce this feeling.


Overall, it’s clear that VR has a great amount of benefit. During a session at Vector, you will experience the Virtual world like never before with the comfort of knowing that our friendly staff are always here to help.

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