How Much Does VR Cost?

How much does VR Cost?

 A common question from our customers is about what VR costs. VR is an amazing experience unlike anything else but it’s important to see if you are getting value for money. At Vector we pride ourselves on being competitively priced when compared with other VR providers. There are many different factors to consider when exploring the different costs in Virtual Reality setups. This article will cover the prices of setups that are similar to what we offer at Vector VR.
In our Premium Free Roam, we use the Oculus Quest 2. This headset is wireless, meaning you can move around your play area freely without the worry of tripping over a cable. The Quest 2 is currently priced at £299.99 for the 128GB version, or £349.99 for the 256GB version. This comes with the headset, controllers, charging cable and glasses spacer. If you wanted the full kit that we have at Vector, you would also need the Elite Strap with Battery, to provide extra comfort and support to the back of the head and a battery so you can have a longer gaming experience with double the battery life. The Elite Strap with battery is currently priced at £109. You also need to ensure you have the minimum recommended play space for the roomscale boundary is 6.5ft by 6.5ft (over 42sq ft!). Whilst the quest is considered a cheaper option within the current VR market, you still need to purchase games and make sure that you have the recommended play space.


In our Pod Based sessions, we use the Valve Index headsets and controllers. For the Valve Index, the base stations are required to track the headset and controllers within the space. Cost wise, the Valve Index VR kit, including the headset, controllers and two base stations, this comes to £919. As this headset is wired, it also requires a PC. You will need a PC that can run the games and VR software without crashing. For this, you would require a gaming PC which for the right spec can cost up to £2,500 (depending on the system requirements for the games that you want to play). You would also need to consider how much space you have (55 sq ft minimum recommended per person), ensuring that you won’t trip over the cables or that you have a way to attach them to the ceiling. You would also need to purchase the games which will increase the costs further.

As you can see, purchasing a VR system can cost a substantial amount for just one person. Then you need to have enough space. If you wanted to play VR with your friends and family you would also need to purchase more headsets and find more space, which becomes a huge challenge. Instead, here at Vector VR, you can take advantage of our competitive prices, the latest games and best tech for Free Roam and Pod Based sessions hundreds of times for the same cost!

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