Hidden Gems: Underrated VR Games you’ve missed

At Vector we have over 50 games for you to choose from when you book a Pod Gaming Session. All of this choice does mean that we have some underrated VR games in our library that feel like hidden treasures only few have discovered. This article will give you an insight into some of Vector’s Virtual treasures that you can discover in your next session. 

First up, we have The Walking Dead Onslaught. If you’re a regular customer, or if you’re subscribed to our emails, then you may already know that we have this title in store. TWD: Onslaught was added to our games library during the summer of 2023 and we love watching TWD fans spot this Title in our library. Thus single player action packed campaign puts you in the shoes of main characters from the show as you slash and gun your way through walkers.

Do you like Rocket League? How about Mech robots? Combine these together and you have Ultimechs! The ultimate futuristic sports experience. This underrated title allows you to Pilot the Ultimechs and feel like a transformer playing football!
Gain control of the ball, speed through the pitch faster than your opponents and score that goal! This fast-paces competitive sports can be played with up to four players, making this a perfect game for small groups.

Another brilliant title added into our Virtual Library this year: Windlands 2. This first person grappling hook adventure was very popular with YouTubers upon release for its vibrant surroundings and intuitive grappling system. Windlands 2 can be played single player or co-op with up to four players. Discover the beauty of these virtual lands as you swing to new heights and 

If you have a spark for adventure and a love for mystery, Vertigo is a captivating VR game that thrusts players into a surreal world of mystery and intrigue. With its immersive environments, intricate puzzles, and mind-bending narrative, the game delivers an unparalleled sense of presence and engagement. Players navigate through a dystopian universe, encountering bizarre landscapes and enigmatic characters along the way.

There’s plenty of choice to be had in our pod gaming sessions at Vector. Each time you visit, you’re sure to find a new game you love. Don’t be afraid to try something new in your next session and discover some of these underrated VR games!

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