Haptic Vests

Feel the immersion with our haptic vests!

Tactsuit x40 haptics

At Vector VR, experience VR’s full potential with our tactsuit X40 haptic vests.

The vest has 40 vibration motors which respond to different in-game events, to simulate whatever is happening in the virtual world: From explosions, to a breeze in the wind… you can immerse yourself further with our haptic vests.

Feel the immersion and add a haptic vest to your booking today!

Frequently asked Questions

We have twenty haptic compatible games; including Phasmophobia, Propagation, Hyper dash and many more!

We suggest ages 10 and up due to the size of the vests.

Our haptic vests are one size and fit most! The side straps are adjustable to make the vests smaller or larger.

No! The vests use 40 different motors which vibrate to further immerse you within the experience. The vibrations are similar to an Xbox/PlayStation controller and do not mimic pain.

Unfortunately, our escape rooms do not support haptic compatibility. These are solely for our VR pod sessions.

Plan Your Visit

Not sure how to long to book for?Take a look at our game selection and choose a few to make your session tailored for you! You don’t have to stick to your selection when you arrive – however we can give you a good idea of how long you will need based on each game’s recommended play-time.