Haptic Experiences

Vector VR offers the chance for you to boost your gaming experience, by adding on a Haptic vest to your booking. The Tactsuit X40 Haptic vest has 40 vibrating motors to deliver realistic vibrations and tactile feedback, enhancing your immersion and making your virtual experience more thrilling than ever. From a gentle breeze to the impact of bullets, haptic experiences put you in the heart of the action, without any pain!

Ready for an exhilarating zombie experience? Propagation VR and Arizona Sunshine are both Haptic compatible! You can feel every punch, scratch, and bite from the hoards of zombies that are hungry for flesh in these exciting horror experiences.
Propagation puts you into an abandoned underground metro, that has been overrun by hordes of zombies and other creatures that have chosen to reside there. This is one of our scariest games, with the haptics making it realistic and amplifying the scare factor!

Arizona Sunshine is set in the Wild West, offering a campaign mode with a story, or horde mode where you can fight off continuous waves of zombies. With different maps to choose from in Horde mode such as The Undead Valley and The Mines, you can choose which to go for a bright daylight map or an fearful night map! This game gives you a great zombie-survival experience that works excellent with haptics, you can run from the horde, but you certainly can’t hide!

If you’re looking for some action-packed games without the horror, then Elven Assassin and Furious Seas are the games for you!
Elven Assassin has you defending your medieval village from orcs, ogres, and other creatures. As the levels progress, the enemies get tougher… Can you save your village from getting captured, or will it fall to the might of the orcs? This game also has a PVP mode, where you can fight against your friends using your archery skills. Haptics add more excitement to this experience with feedback from drawing the bow and getting hit by projectiles in the game.

If you prefer adventures at the sea, then come and play Furious Seas! In the command of your pirate ship, navigate through the dangerous waters and defeat the fearsome enemy fleets that are trying to sink your ship. Beware of towering rocks when navigating and be ready for action. No other ships should be trusted, when you see an enemy charge at them with full speed and use the force of your ship, it’s sink or be sunk.
When the enemies fire at your ship, you’ll feel it with full force when you are wearing haptics! 

Not much of a gamer? If you prefer experiences, Epic Roller Coasters and Rush will become your favourites when you unlock their full potential with haptics.
Epic Roller Coasters has multiple rollercoasters to choose from. From Rocky mountains to dinosaur parks, these roller coasters are like no other! Feel the intensity with full feedback from the haptics on all the bumps, twists and drops! If you’re looking for something that will get your adrenaline pumping, then this is the experience for you. 


Rush lets you glide through wonderful environments in a wingsuit, build up your speed and soar through the sky whilst avoiding the mountains, rocks, trees, and other obstacles that could knock you out of flight. As you glide through the air and race against ai or your friends, feel the rush of adrenaline hit when you reach high speeds going along the twists and turns of the terrain. Feel the speed of the winds with the haptic vest as you build speed in this thrilling wingsuit race!

Experience these games and many others with your next booking, don’t forget to upgrade to a haptics experience and feel the thrill of fully immersive gameplay and experiences.

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